Members Poll – Who thinks this is a more appropriate handicap for one of our resident sandbaggers?

While organizing some old Men’s Club non-tournament play day sheets, we ran across many sheets where Mr. Roy is listed as a 3 Cap. Currently he sits at an 8 but has been a 9 for the last while. If you would like to see the RCGA step-in and reinstate the appropriate handicap, please comment YES to this post along with any personal expletives you might want to add to your YES. If you fell the current 8 handicap is representative of his actual cap, please enter NO and prepare to be ridiculed by the rest of those responding to the poll. Majority will rule and we will make the request to the RCGA on Monday.

11 Replies to “Members Poll – Who thinks this is a more appropriate handicap for one of our resident sandbaggers?”

  1. YES. YES, YES. If you don’t adjust him to a proper handicap he should be suspended from tournaments. How long does the rest of the men’s club have to put up with the “Minto” handicap.
    Dr Ho

  2. • We’ve got a lunatic for a President.
    • U.S. launching missiles into Syria
    • Gas at $6.00 a litre

    Yet my handicap continues to be front page news at our Men’s Club. Btw, if you divide the price of gas per litre by my putts per green we’d be at $2.00 per litre.

  3. YES – i am tired of paying for his inflated cap. i also noticed Mr. Yamamoto and Mr Shapendonk are a little more realistic then the 16 and 21 they are sandbagging at today.

    1. Ummm…there is a 7 cap on the same sheet that is masquerading as a 12 at the moment as well. Any comment on that?

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