Last Call tournament final standings

33 Golfers braved some of the wet stuff to finish our second to last tournament of the season. Thanks to all for coming out and making a successful event.

8:00 Brent Lineker, Angelo Viani, Dan Lafleur and Gord Lee – 127 ***3rd Place***

8:08 Lisa Begg, Chris Begg, Ron Dunsire and Brent Goodrich – 132
8:24 Pat Ennis, Joel Levene, Danny Koriath and Ken Nishi – 119 ***1st Place***
8:32 Steve Rice-Jones, Michael Yamamoto, Glenn Shapendonk and Sean Anderson – 128
8:40 Ineke Van Gruting, Minto Roy, Sad Thiara and Barry Ennis – 128
8:48 Mike Doran, Jack Tossavainen, Steve Coppin and Dennis Thompson, Gary Sundvick – 120 ***2nd Place***
8:56 Sharen Thiara, Adam Redfern, Tiff Tonn and Ken St. Laurent – 139
9:04 Sue Fordyce, Kim Fordyce, John Faris and Marcus Frew – 128

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