A blog moment with Minto

Here are a few symptoms that I am dealing with from not golfing the past few weeks: 

During my drive to the office, I’m not accessing road conditions but how much grass is visible on the commute.  

I went to the driving range and bought two buckets of balls and forget that I get bored after hitting a half a bucket.  

My wife tells me that I’m a 5 handicap on the course but a 30 cap doing home repairs. 

I’ve struggled on short puts for the past two years, but have drained 100 three footers in a row on my yoga mat.

The average age of the people I hang around with on weekends has dropped from 62 to 45

I’ve discovered that no one in my house wants to sit for 4 hours and drink wine, talk golf and make fun of each  other.

For some reason my cash flow has dropped $40 per week 🙂

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