Congratulations Les Buchanan on your 65th wedding anniversary!

On what seems like any other ordinary day, Damon Jones is picking up a three foot putt, Minto Roy is complaining he can’t putt and Jack Tossavainen can’t pronounce putt.  But we all know, there is no such day as an ordinary day if we spend it with someone special.  And having the pleasure of meeting Joan a few months ago, I can’t help but think every day is special for you.  Joan is a beautiful woman and a lovely person as well, I have to say, you definitely “married up”.   So the purpose of this email, is to give you two a few of my nuggets on life.

First, to you Les.  Treasure Joan, she is a rare gem that most people only dream of meeting.  To you both, treasure this day, it is special like all the others, and that is what we all wish for.  And third, on behalf of your fellow members, staff, management and myself, we wish you both a happy and well deserved 65th wedding anniversary.  

Michael Yamamoto

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