Tournament pace of play

With our busy tournament season beginning, it is a good time for a pace of play reminder. Pace of play for our tournaments is 4hrs and 10min maximum however you are also expected to keep-up with the group in front of you. If the group in front is a 3 some and you can’t keep up, fair enough however in most cases when you are following a foursome, it is expected that you will keep-up. While we are under winter rules, if you hit into a soft area in play and your ball disappears, with the permission of your playing partners who agree that your ball is lost “in play” you can drop without penalty. This being the case, please limit your time looking for plugged balls and also do each other a favour by keeping an eye on the line and landing areas of your partners shots. If anyone in your group is taking too much time, remind them it is the responsibility of the whole group to maintain pace of play. If you notice you have fallen behind the group in front of you, make every effort to catch-up. If everyone works together to not allow gaps to grow, pace will improve for everyone. Play well today!

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