2 Man Best Ball ~ Captain’s Picks

There has been an addition to the line-up which now includes Danny and Walter Koriath to round out our field. The auction and pari-mutuel bets will be held at 7 p.m. tonight in the members lounge. At least ONE member from each team MUST be present tonight.

The pari-mutuel bets can also be made via email to Mike, but MUST be time stamped before 7:30 Saturday morning. The pari-mutuel tickets represent ONE bet only,  you cannot write multiple bets on one ticket. The pari-mutuel bets are $5.00 each and are placed for teams to either win or place (one ticket) as the pool is divided into win and place %’s and paid out based on the number of bets in respective teams boxes.

Once a team has been bought either by the players team or a syndicate, they can pick their tee time

My serious handicapping is as follows;

1. Kris Yardley and Perry Nishihata

2. Dan Walton and Rod Hughes
2. Michael Uhm and Jack Tossavainen
2. Ralph Altenried (mental injury) and Gavin Copland
2. Bob Grant and Frank Franco
2. Sean Anderson and Glenn Shapendonk

7. Chris Begg and Joel Levene
7. Minto Roy and Barry Ennis

9. Ron Dunsire and Angelo Viani
9. Steve Rice-Jones and Sam Gandesha

11. Michael Yamamoto and Craig Anderson
11. Kim Fordyce and Dan Lafleur  (only because Kim wants to keep me company)
11. Heath Stone (lower body injury) and Keith Gill

14. Ken Nishi and Tiff Tonn (lower body injury)
14. Brent Lineker and Steve Coppin  (lower body injury, upper body injury)

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