Club Championship 1st round results and final round tee times announced.

Steve Rice-Jones hangs with the big dogs and takes a 1 stroke lead into the final round. Way to go Ricer! Visit the leaderboard for Gross and Net standings and see below for Sunday tee times.

7:36am Gord Ennis Frank Franco Rod Hughes
7:44am Tiff Tonn Brian Atkinson Angelo Viani
7:52am Brad Scott Latif Virani Glenn Hara
8:00am Danny Koriath San Gandesha Brent Carlbeck
8:08am Sean Burke Kim Fordyce Harry Vivian
8:16am Craig Anderson Adrian Pannell Marcus Frew
8:24am Andy Suh Keith Gill Victor Omaye
8:32am Bob Harrison Gavin Copland Ken Nishi
8:40am Steve Coppin Bob Grant Michael Yamamoto
8:48am Walter Koriath Dan Lafleur Derek Milne
8:56am John Faris Damon Jones Mas Watanabe
9:04am Ron Dunsire Minto Roy Dan Walton
9:12am Chris Begg Heath Stone Jeff Song
9:52am Ken St. Laurent Chad August Sean Anderson
10:00am Kris Yardley Dennis Thompson Michael Uhm
10:08am Sean Yoon Noah Lee Steve Rice-Jones

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