Yardley vs. Ralphie match set for tomorrow

Keep an eye on Kris Yardley’s group tomorrow as the match of the season will be played between Kris and Ralph. Ralph’s usual confidence was on display a few months ago where he declared that he could beat Kris straight-up if he had Kris’ tee length. Following unsubstantiated assertions of being able to take down, Manny Pacquiao, Rhonda Rousey, Lionel Messi and various other world class athletes, Ralph has chosen a capable opponent to test those assertions. There was so much excitement around the match that a bidding war erupted to witness the carnage and the two successful group mates had to agree to play Kris on the same terms to secure their positions. We figure that Kris is hedging his bets in case Ralph’s squeeky hip distracts him so much that he looses the match. All players are playing off Yardley’s tee shots, and even up from there.

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