Big turn-out at the wind-up dinner & 2019 stats recap

The 2019 Mens Club season has come to a close with a gathering of almost 70 members, spouses and friends coming together to celebrate. This years turn-out was one the largest in recent years. Hardware was distributed to the seasons winners with Kris Yardley taking home the biggest stack including 13 podium finishes in the 25 Mens Club competitions. Dan Walton survived until the final spot, winning the Callaway/Taylor Made/Titleist driver and fitting at Meadows Golf Center. The evening included some reflections by Minto Roy, a nice buffet put on by Meadow Gardens and an outgoing captain presentation to Mike of a waterproof carry bag signed by all the attending Mens Club members. It was a great way to close what has been a very successful couple of years for the Mens Club. We provided some stats at the wind-up with a recap included below:

Mens Club membership has increased 52% (46 to 70 members) over the past two seasons with new inclusivity initiatives put in place to promote participation and comeradery.

Tournament Play
5 tournaments were added (22% increase) to the Mens Club calendar bringing the total to 23, plus the Glentel/Shaw Media Cup and Leaderboard Points competitions. Mens Club membership support maintaining the current number or increasing the number of tournaments going forward at a 3 to 1 ratio based on Mens Club on-line polling. The feedback has been overwhelmingly supportive of the tournament structure that is in place with members commenting on the continued enjoyment of the diverse formats provided promoting on-going connection to all of the other Mens Club members. On-line polling also confirmed that 82% of respondents support maintaining the current diverse tournament structure or increasing the diversity with the addition of a couple of flighted individual tournaments. Here are the stats that further support the tournament structure that is in place with participation way up over the past two seasons:

  • 30% increase in tournament rounds played, 613 rounds from 471 rounds in 2017 (not including new tournaments)
  • 78% increase in tournament rounds played, 840 rounds from 471 rounds in 2017 based on only a 22% increase in the number of tournaments (18 to 23)

Pace of Play
The Mens Club has enjoyed a dramatic improvement in pace of play over the past couple of years with tournament times now averaging under 4hrs including the Majors which is great movement in the right direction. The pace of play equation is improved by groups maintaining connection with the group in front AND making sure to meet prescribed pace of play guidelines. All the little things that have been done to improve in this area have paid big dividends to everyone whether you are the first group out or the last. The Mens Club has maintained a random draw policy that mixes-up playing partners and draw positions on a tournament by tournament basis so pace of play has been a very strong group effort.

Prizing & Sponsorship
2018 and 2019 have seen a big increase in prizing through the Mens Club from sponsorship, donations and discounted prize purchases. From roughly $15,000 in registrations (annual, pay as you go and special tournament entries such as the Calcutta’s), the Mens Club has distributed about $27,000 in prizing (at cost) through tournament prizing, KP’s, the included wind-up dinner and all the non-place based draws which have helped distribute the prizing to the entire Mens Club. Please make an effort to support and thank your club sponsors if you see them at the club or community.

The new Mens Club web-site has been extremely well received by membership streamlining tournament registrations, information , communication and transparency within the Mens Club. Here are some Mens Club site stats that are overwhelming considering our little club has only 70 club members:

  • Forecasted site hits of almost 54,000 for 2019, an increase of close to 20% over 2018
  • Forecasted visitor counts of more than 6,000 for 2019, an increase of about 45% over 2018

Financial Reporting
Membership has also strongly supported the new financial transparency initiatives put in place over the past couple of years with our financial posts receiving amongst the highest number of hits of any posts on the site.

Thanks to all of the 2019 Mens club members for supporting great group comradery and helping build the Mens Club foundation for the future. Below please see a list of members who have awards to pick-up (ask Chris when you see him around the club) and some photo’s from the wind-up. (Thanks for Karen and Sue)

Players awards to pick-up
Craig Anderson, Sean Anderson, Ron Cassan (2018), Mike Doran, Adam Redfern, Mark Sobolewski, Ken St. Laurent, Gary Sundvick, Sean Yoon.

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