More 2019 Mens Club stats

Ok, so in a previous blog we highlighted the big increase in Mens Club tournament participation in 2019 so we thought we would also look at non-tournament play rounds for comparison since the tournament rounds only account for about 1/3rd of the annual Mens Club calendar. Overall, the number of non-tournament days this year (68 forecast if the weather holds) have yielded a 14% increase in play/day over 2017 non-tournament numbers. This 14% increase combined with the much larger gain in tournament participation produced an overall increase in Mens Club rounds played of about 19% for 2019. The Mens Club has been collecting play data and conducting on-line polls in addition to engaging as many Mens Club members as possible in an effort to broaden our information base. This information base has been the foundation of Mens Club decision making over the past couple of years and combined with enhanced communication has resulted in many more Mens Club members participating in the decision making process. Now if we just had a stat to fix Minto’s handicap!

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