Thank you Mens Club members

With the AGM tomorrow evening new leadership will be elected for a two year term. The past two years have been very successful for the Mens Club under the leadership of outgoing club captain Mike Yamamoto. We have seen dramatic increases in the number of Mens Club members and tournament rounds played while advocating to MG on behalf of membership and highlighting the inclusivity the Mens Club has come to represent. Financial reporting, in conjunction with Treasurer, Ken Nishi has also been very well received by membership and is a welcome addition to the Mens Club. Also of note, pace of play in the Mens Club has improved year over year for the past two seasons. Thank you to all of you for making the extra effort to keep up with the group in front and meet prescribed pace of play guidelines. It has been great to have less of these kinds of issues to deal with, freeing leadership up to pursue other initiatives.

The past two seasons have also seen an increased prize pool, including draw prizes, made possible by the sponsorship efforts of Minto Roy. As Vice-Captain Minto has led the sponsorship drive and been very successful in positioning the value proposition that the Mens Club sponsorship represents to the community.

The web-site will also have a new web-master after the AGM with the heavy lifting to get the site up and running all complete. Membership has strongly supported our site and communication initiatives and we will be working with the new leadership team to smoothly transition the site going forward. It has been particularly nice to hear all of the positive sentiment from members that are enjoying this resource. Whether it’s up in the lounge after the round or when you are partnered up with any of the men’s club guys, the increase in comradery is very noticeable.

Thank you again Mens Club members for a very enjoyable two years.

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