A Holiday Moment with Minto Roy

The holidays and year-end always provide time for reflection.  A welcome pause to remember the past year and poignant moments that provided joy, challenge, love and laughter.   
As Club Captain, Michael Yamamoto’s easy going leadership style brought positive change and  approachability to Men’s Club.  Michael’s efforts helped expand and diversify Men’s Club and set a course for further growth and greater inclusivity. 
We welcome the addition of a new Korean culture with Michael Uhm, Jimmy Choi and Jeff Song.  Many of us have learned a great deal about the Korean culture as Michael, Jimmy and Jeff have extended open invites to play in their groups and have hosted several outings to Korean restaurants to enjoy delicious Korean food and drink.  If you haven’t tried “Somaek” (Soju and Beer) yet, you are in for a real treat that will require cab fare home. 
We added Kris Yardley because we got tired of watching Steve Rice Jones win club championships year after year.  That said, hats-off to Steve who played lights-out to win his 5th club championship!  Ricer proves that we don’t have to be 6 foot 4 and hit the ball 280 yards off the tee.  Ricer also confirms that we don’t necessarily need to have any mental focus and dementia and inevitable babbling will not impact our golf game as we get older.  
To make Chris Begg feel older, we’ve added some youth with Marcus Frew, Danny Koriath and Sean Anderson.  Despite Sean’s youth, he has already developed seasoned handicap cap-management maturity and has become a consistent low net-score threat. 
From experience, I’d like to offer a bit of advice to Marcus, Danny and Sean.  The seniors are a lot of fun and full of great stories and knowledge.  But, I suspect the aging process is contagious and hanging out with a bunch of 60 and 70 year olds does make time fly by a bit faster.  Enjoy every second!   I’m sure most of the older guys at the Club sang Born To Be Wild in their teens and 20s and 30s. Now, most of us can only be wild on weekdays before 8 pm and on weekends until about 8:30 pm.
We’ve added Steve Coppin to Men’s Club to increase the average height of our membership and our capacity to remain competitive should any other golf club want to challenge us in a lumber jack competition.   Ralph Altenried, as usual, continued his rein as a controversial, one-man highlight reel.  I’ll be rooming with Ralph in Cuba in February which should be an easy and relaxing week…..help, help…..help!!!!  
I continue to be amazed by the energy level, competitive drive and how much partying the boys in their 70’s still have in their tanks!  Hats’ off to Angelo Viani, Barry Ennis and Jack Tossavanian.  I’m sure all of us can only hope that we remain as young as you guys in our 70s and beyond.  That said, as the membership continues to get older, perhaps Dennis Thompson, our new club captain, can ask Meadow Gardens to install a diaper change table in the Men’s locker room.   

I’ve started to see an increase in consumption of CBD and THC with the new legalization of cannabis.  Most guys at the club don’t use it to get high, but rather for pain management, restful sleeping and for not giving giving a f-k. when they’re playing bad golf.  
As for my putting, it’s improved a bit but, every now and then, I continue to turn into Spider Man’s arch villain Electro on 3 footers.  It would be appreciated if in 2020 we could all save some electricity by extending my gimme lengths when we play.  
Finally, moving forward into 2020, we are in good hands as Dennis Thompson is now Club Captain.  Dennis will be supported by a great executive team that includes; Tiff Tonn, Glen Shapendonk,Brian Atkinson and Kim Fordyce.  Let’s all support their efforts and make sure that in 2020 our collaboration will continue to grow our membership experience and our friendships.  
Happy Holidays Everyone!  – Minto

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  1. 2020 will be a year that the men’s club focuses on the Minto Project!!! This is a serious initiative for the men’s club!!

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