Below are the teams and handicaps for the upcoming tournament. The tee times will be posted on Wednesday. Also there has been a rule change which has been included below as well.

Team 1…Top putters Ed Leck (6.3), Ron Dunsire (10.1), Bob Grant (12) and Glen Shapendonk (19.7)    Team handicap is 3

Team 2…The United Nations Joe Guzzo (8.2), Ralph Altenried (8.7), Dan Lafleur (11.4) and Jack Tossavainen (21)   Team handicap 4

Team 3…STACKED Moez Noorani (6.2), Marcus Frew (8.9), Steve Coppin (10.5) and Perry Nishihata (14.9)  Team handicap 2

Team 4…Dark Horse Steve Rice-Jones (3.2), Kim Thor Fordyce (9.1), Ken Nishi (10.7) and Rod Hughes (23.9)   Team handicap  1

Team 5…Fire drill Dan Walton (4.3), Chris Begg (10), Mas Watanabe (10) and Angelo Viani (21.6)    Team handicap 2

Team 6…Plaayas! Jordon Gould (2.4), Ron Cassan (8.9), Gavin Copland (12.5) and Bob Harrison (15.1)  Team handicap  ZERO cuz they are Plaayas!

Team 7…Luck sacks Minto Roy (5.3), Danny Koriath (8.9), Yak (14.4) and Glenn Hara (19.2)  Team handicap 3

This is the order we are teeing off on Saturday. The starting time will be set on Wednesday. There has been a small change to the rules. There was a lot of grumbling about the set tee shots.  Since this was a Yardley rule and Yardley is not playing, we are going to the original scramble rules. Minimum  4 drives from each person. The person whose drive you are using cannot hit the next shot unless you are on the green. We are playing the hybrid tees. The payouts are 1st $160   2nd $80  and 3rd $40.

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