The sign up sheet for the Fall 3 Man Scramble will close on Monday at 3 PM. If you have not signed up and wish to play follow the link.

Sign Up Sheet closed


  1. I’m really thinking of quiting this golf course and I have a co-worker that is had enough to. The last time I played we had a tee time and because there were nobody in front we started a few minutes early, like 4 minutes. Just when we teed off we saw what I thought was a yellow school bus pull up by the concession on the side. We had no one in front of us which was nice. At the turn the official said hurry up we’re two croups behind. When I checked my watch we were right at 2hours for the turn. I commented to him that we were right the money, he said we started 10 minutes early, which was wrong it was 4 minute but we were still in the bubble. Apparently it was his yellow school bus that pulled up. The next foursome behind us were also in our group and we were staying a hole ahead of them. On the 16th another official approached us telling us to hurry up also we look at the clock a few holes back and it also showed us that we’re on time. So I commented that to him and he smiled and he said nothing and we played on. When we finished our round we were 4hrs and 8 minutes. The card says “pace of am play 4:10* Place for PM Play 4:20” . We started on the am and finished at 1:20. Even with the early start we finished on time if not early. It’s either they are trying to get us to leave or they are trying to get more people on the course. I belong to another course that does not have that kind of crap unless we are slow and then there a twosomes that are trying to get a three hour game in and we let them play though but this is getting ridiculous. How do you enjoy your game

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