Minto Roy

Synopsis on today’s golf lesson.

Do you know how good a 5 handicap is ? That is a question I am often asked. Let me begin by asking this. Can a 5 handicap chip in for birdie on the the 10th hole. Make a sandy par on the 11th . Birdie the 13th after hitting the tee shot to a foot. Of course they can, but all on the same day. That is the question.

Can a 5 handicap knock it on the 18th in two and 2 putt for birdie after making a birdie on the 17th hole. All on the same day. I suppose that can happen to.

Let me add a few more tidbits to the mix. How about a 90 footer on number 2 for birdie, or a 25 foot downhill double breaker for birdie on 4 and to complete the quadruple par 3 slam, a 60 foot let’s hit this quick and get out of the driving rain birdie. 4 deuces in one round of golf. Now that is a feat worth mentioning.

Can a 5 cap do all that on the same day and then leave a 24 foot birdie putt on the 9th hole 8 feet short. Seen that happen first hand.

Nice 70 Minto Roy. Great round of golf. Now to answer the question originally asked.

I have now learned how good a 5 handicap is and paid out a bucket load of skins in the process, all on the same day.

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  1. 1. “Let ye without sin cast the first stone”.

    2. Several lucky shots led to the score:
    -chip in on 10
    -90 foot putt of 2
    -25 foot putt on 4
    -50 foot putt on 7
    -Wind aided three wood to make the green on 18 in two

    Realistically turned a 75 into a 70.

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