Below are the teams and times for the Spring 2 Ball as well as a set of rules.

2021 Spring 2 Ball Tournament Rules – May 8  

  • Summer Rules are in play for this tournament.  
  • Play is from the HYBRID tees.  
  • This is a 1-day, team stroke play tournament.  
  • Pace of Play –  2:00 turn, 4 hrs total  
  • All other rules will be governed by RCGA.  
  • Prizes will be awarded for best 4 net team scores.   
  • There are no KP’s for this event.  
  • Deuce prize (must be putted out):  sleeve of balls per deuce.  

    • Record your individual gross scores for every hole and record as a tournament score on Golf Canada app.  
    • This is a Team Best Ball Event and only one best net score per hole per team is used for the competition.  
    • If you are out of a hole then pick up please. For handicap purposes record the score you “likely” would have achieved had you holed out. For example, your partner is on the green laying two and you are in the fairway laying 5. Hit your shot to the green then pick up and record your likely score– unless it is likely your partner will 6 putt.    In short – if your partner has holed a score that your net score cannot beat – pick up and move on please.  
    • Be sure to record your best team net score by hole on the leaderboard in the members’ lounge downstairs.  That is the official team scoring record.  No score entered on the leaderboard=no prize qualification.  
  • Prizes will be in the Proshop on Tuesday following tournament.  
  • Maintain a minimum 6 feet distancing at all times and mask up in the Proshop/ Clubhouse area- Covid counts are up again!   
  • Play Well – Good Luck!  

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