The Captain’s Challenge Cup Tournament is next weekend. This is a two day team event. Ryder Cup format. We have a full field of 68 players. There will be team matches on Saturday and singles matches on Sunday. 

The teams will be chosen shortly and that information will be posted on the website and sent out via email along with the groups and tee times for Saturday.  

Sunday’s singles matches and times will be determined Saturday after round one. 

As an added bonus on Saturday after the round The Men’s Club is providing lunch for all the participants.

Have a good week and enjoy the great weather. 

The Men’s Club

2021 Captain’s Challenge Cup :

This is a Ryder Cup Style Competition where teams are picked from the signup roster by the opposing co-captains. Captain and Pro team vs Vice-Captain and Pro team.   Strategy, partners and potential matchups are decided by each team.  This has been the most fun tournament format I’ve ever played in so we’ll give it a go at our  club!

In non-Covid times there would be a dinner on Saturday night with some form of uniform/ shirt/hat to identify teams, but this year we’ll make due by  asking folks to wear a white/light or black/dark hat to identify with their team.

This year it is open to annual play members only.

 FRIDAY Co-Captains pick teams from signed up participants.

Teams discuss and choose their twosomes for Saturday.   Subject to numbers, weather, and Covid rules we might be able to do this outside so interested players can participate in the banter and team strategy development.   

Pairs matchups begin with a coin toss;  the winning co-captains put up their first twosome.  Opponents match the first group then put up the second twosome. Twosomes are alternatively matched and placed until all are paired. 



Front Nine  –  Team Best Ball             1 Point -Win, 1/2 Point –Tie

The low player in each four man group plays off scratch, while others receive the difference in handicap strokes as they fall on the scorecard. (Use half of handicap for nine holes.)

Back Nine   –  Team Modified Chapman        1 Point -Win, 1/2 Point –Tie

Both players tee off each hole. Both players hit their partners tee shot. Players then choose the best ball and proceed to play alternate shot until the hole is completed. Teams receive 20% of their combined handicap for nine holes (fractions of .5 and greater are rounded up).

After rounds on Saturday, Singles Matches for Sunday are selected using the same alternating process as for the pairs matches.


Singles Matches   1 Point -Win, 1/2 Point –Tie

 Full Handicaps. Low player reduced to zero. High player gets strokes where they fall.

 Team with most points at end of competition wins.

Cheers Dennis

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