Auction Details

 a) iPhone 12 Pro specs, gold colour, 128GB   (suggested retail price $1399)

b) The auction is open to everyone associated with Meadow Gardens (members and staff) 19 years and older.

c) Bidding is done by sending in the bidder’s name, email address and the bid amount to

d) A person is allowed to submit multiple bids, with the highest amount being that person’s valid bid.

e) The bidding will start at $500 with higher bids made in $10 increments.  (eg.  $510…$550…$600…)

f) Bids will be accepted until 5:00 pm, Saturday, July 3.  Bids will not be accepted if the time stamped on the email is 5:01 pm or later.

 g) The winning bidder will be notified by email and must make the payment by cash, cheque or e-transfer by 3:00 pm Sunday, July 4.  If the payment was not made on time, then the bid is declared invalid, and the next highest bidder will be notified.  The iPhone will be handed over after the payment is received.

 h) The highest bids will be posted on for the duration of the auction.

i) Mas Watanabe will be administrating the email and Twitter accounts, and he will be the only person keeping track of the bids.  All names participating in the auction will be kept confidential. And of course, he will not be bidding in the auction.   

If you have any questions, please contact Mas at (778)320-4533 or mas.watanabe33@gmail.comThank you and good luck!

Auction Ends Saturday July 3rd 2021 AT 5 PM

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