On Saturday and Sunday this weekend the men’s club Shaw and Glentel cup playoffs are scheduled to be played.

Throughout the golf season players are awarded points for specific events . The points are accumulated over the season. The top four players from two divisions then participate in a playoff to determine the overall winner.

For the Shaw Cup division the top four players were Glenn Tanaka, Victor Omaye, Keith Gill, and Perry Nishihata.

For the Glentel Cup division the top four point leaders were Jordan Gould, Kris Yardley, Minto Roy, and Steve Rice-Jones.

Congratulations gentlemen. 

In the event a player or players cannot play in the par points playoff due to other commitments they still are in the top four prizes. 
Each division’s final standings are determined by the two-day par points accumulated. Players who cannot make the playoff due to other commitments are awarded zero par points for the playoff.  Tie breaker is the individual Glentel or Shaw points earned during the season. 

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