A couple of items For Your Information.

The sign up deadline for the Gritish Open is next week. However this will be the last reminder post. The executive is away for a week and has limited access to the internet. If you have not registered for The Gritish Open and wish to play The link to the sign up sheet is directly below.

2023 Gritish Open Sign-up Sheet

Another deadline approaching is the Men’s Club $200 Annual Membership. If we have not received your $200 payment by March 10th or an indication that you would like the Annual membership you will be considered a pay as you go player for the remainder of the golf season events.

If you have played in any 2023 Men’s Club events such as the Father time tournament, the Super Bowl and the 2 Club and you do not opt for the annual membership you will need to pay any fees owed for those events before registering for new tournaments.

For Payment email Brian Atkinson at Email Brian

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