2019 Financials:


Men’s Club members,

The 2019 season is now complete and we are happy to provide a full accounting of all of the funds managed on behalf of our members. 2019 was very successful year in the Men’s Club with 5 tournaments added (22% increase) to the Mens Club calendar bringing the total to 23, plus the Glentel/Shaw Media Cup and Leaderboard Points competitions. Mens Club membership support maintaining the current number or increasing the number of tournaments going forward at a 3 to 1 ratio based on Mens Club on-line polling. The feedback has been overwhelmingly supportive of the tournament structure that is in place with members commenting on the continued enjoyment of the diverse formats provided promoting on-going connection to all of the other Mens Club members. On-line polling also confirmed that 82% of respondents support maintaining the current diverse tournament structure or increasing the diversity with the addition of a couple of flighted individual tournaments. Here are the stats that further support the tournament structure that is in place with participation way up over the past two seasons:

30% increase in tournament rounds played, 613 rounds from 471 rounds in 2017 (not including new tournaments)
78% increase in tournament rounds played, 840 rounds from 471 rounds in 2017 based on only a 22% increase in the number of tournaments (18 to 23)

and with all these additional tournaments the $200 season long registration fee remained unchanged from past seasons.

Sponsorship and negotiation of discounted gift card pricing helped increase our non-registration based income and donations allowed us incorporate draw prizes to many events. Our financials do not reflect all the in-kind donations either of gift cards or merchandise that the Mens Club received as they were passed directly to membership in prizing.

On the award front, we again expanded tournament achievement recognition to all podium finishes (first to third) for all players (gross and net) with the poker chips this year.

The volunteer Men’s Club leadership is particularly focused on these principles:

  1. Creating a fun, competitive and inclusive environment that is accessible to as many male MG club members as possible. The Mens Club believes in an environment where all players play together, segmentation by handicap is not what we are about.
  2. Distribution of 100%+ of collected funds back to Men’s club members. It is important to note here that as volunteers, there is no margin achieved on award distribution. We are accounting for all funds on a cost, not retail basis.
  3. Advocating for our membership. MG is no longer accountable to members in any documented way with the elimination of the monthly members forums and meaningful dialogue from the AGM. Members have lost their voice.

We have had great feedback on the new initiatives undertaken this season. If you would like any further information on above or have any questions on the financials, please contact us for those details. Have a great winter and see everyone next year!

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