Have a game going/Looking for a game?

Guys, for the winter if you are looking for a mid week game or have a game going which others can join, just make a comment on this page in the following format:

Have a game going at <Date + Time>, have room for <x> players or

Looking for a game at <Date + Time>

Anyone who wants to connect, just reply to the comment. For this to work, it is incumbent on the joiner to show-up or let the organizer know if you can’t for some reason. There is nothing worse than changing things up to accommodate more players and then dealing with the no show.  If you are organizing, make sure you have enough times booked with the pro-shop. Hopefully this helps those looking for games as there are a good number of guys who play all winter, weather permitting.

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  1. Have a game going on Tuesday afternoon 12:26pm, Nov 6th before Poker night and have room for 1 more player. Comment if you would like to join.

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