Winter Handicap Info

Winter handicaps are utilized by the Meadow Gardens Men’s club to ensure accurate handicaps are available for games during the winter months. The Golf Canada handicap system tracks all rounds and comprises a handicap based on rounds posted, even when the season is not “active”. Once the handicap computer opens for the season, usually anytime between April – June (based on weather and course punching schedule), and is “active”, all those rounds posted during the winter months (at Meadow Gardens or any inactive course) are wiped out and your handicap will return to what it was when the season closed in the fall. All rounds played outside of Meadow Gardens in an active season for that area (such as Cuba, Arizona etc...) also need to be posted but will remain and form part of your handicap when the new season opens.  Please ensure to post all scores regardless of the active season to make competition as fair as possible at Meadow Gardens events that occur in it’s inactive season. Winter caps start being calculated around November when the active season is closed depending on weather and course punching schedule.