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2018 Spring Golf Season ~ Meadow Gardens


Handicap Computer
Handicaps will continue to be entered for play up to and including October 16th 2016. After that date the computer will remain open for the recording of Winter Handicaps, but all scores recorded at Meadow Gardens between October 16th and the reopening of our “Active Season” which would be in the Spring (March 15th 2016 at the absolute earliest) would be wiped out off the system, with the system resetting in the Spring to Handicaps in place at Oct 16 2017. A decision will be made in the Spring as to when the course is in good enough condition to reinstate the computer for Active Season Handicaps. Remember, rounds played away from Meadow Gardens “MUST” always be entered when play is in an area deemed “Open Season”, such as Palm Springs, Arizona etc… as examples, regardless of the time of year.

Winter Local Rules
You need to be aware of the Local Rules below as they pertain specifically to Fall/Winter play. Winter Rules will be in effect beginning on October 17th and will remain so until further notice, and as such –“Preferred Lies” will prevail.

Preferred Lies
With regards to “Preferred Lies” or “Lift, Clean and Place”, each season will begin under these provisions until informed otherwise by your Club Captain or Handicap/Rules Chair. When invoked, you are entitled to first mark your ball, lift your ball, clean it and place it (through the green) without penalty, within 1 club length of the original spot, no closer to the hole. Balls in the Rough must remain in the Rough, and balls in the Fairway must remain in the Fairway. Relief on the Green Fringes are to be 6” only – no closer to the hole. DO NOT SIMPLY BUMP YOUR BALL – THIS IS A STROKE. Only exception to the 6 INCHES rule would be in those situations where the ground immediately around you is deemed casual water, unplayable or ground under repair. With the consent of your playing competitors you can agree on the best place to place the ball in this instance. For all tournaments, given the changing climate and course conditions that take place on a daily basis, it should be assumed that these tournaments are played “Playing The Ball Down” (as it lies) unless otherwise stipulated in the tournament rules, or deemed otherwise by the Club Captain, Vice-Captain and/or Tournament organizer prior to play.

Embedded Balls – Ball Lost In Leaves
Weather conditions from time to time will result in balls potentially becoming embedded in the ground either in the rough, fairway, or anywhere on the course for that matter. In those instances when it is “certain” the ball has become embedded because of abnormal ground conditions, you may place a ball at an agreed upon spot where it is believed the ball was lost, with no penalty incurred. Also, the same can be said for balls which may be potentially lost under an accumulation of leaves on the golf course. In those situations where it is relatively certain that a ball has been lost under an accumulation of leaves, you are permitted to place a ball at the nearest spot where the ball has been deemed to have been lost, with no penalty. Agreement on placement must be made in both instances with your playing partners. Unless otherwise noted, relief from leaves is restricted to the Fall months.

Sand Bunkers
While the handicaps computers are closed (Oct 17th until further notice and not before) you are permitted to utilize one of the two options below when you find your ball in a sand bunker anywhere on the course due to maintenance practices this time of the year.

1. You may play the ball as it lies.
2. You may remove the ball from the bunker, rake the spot where the ball was located and then place the ball back to its original spot. (you may clean the ball during this time)
REMEMBER – Grounding your club in a bunker “at any time” is not permitted – including the backswing (Rule 13-4/31). It has become apparent that a number are taking liberties with this rule – which is a two stroke penalty in stroke play and loss of hole in match play.

Going forward, we will be implementing a new Local Rule whereby the sandy ground outside of the bunker which has been caused by the Bunker Maintenance Vehicles entering and exiting the Bunker will be deemed “Ground Under Repair” and should be played as such. The Bunker (Hazard) Line would be defined as the natural extension of the line of the Bunker and does not include the area created by the maintenance vehicles. If you are inside that imaginary line you are deemed inside the bunker, and obviously if your ball is outside that imaginary line your ball is deemed outside the bunker and you are now entitled to a free drop under the provisions of Ground Under Repair.

These options are only permitted during the time period specified above – otherwise Local Rules pertaining to Sand Bunkers are in play.

Any questions on any of the above please feel free to drop me a note here.

John Faris
Handicap & Rules Chair
Meadow Gardens Golf Club

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