Message from the Handicap Chair and MG Pro shop.

Hello All   Just a reminder that effective today, Friday May 1st we are invoking Summer Rules.  All scores for those who carry a handicap at Meadow Gardens need to be entered going forward until computer closes for the fall.

      I finally received clarification from Golf BC regarding the Handicap Computer.  Those of you who have posted scores this winter up until this point will see those scores remain in the computer for the time being and will count towards your handicap calculation until further notice. Apparently with the COVID 19 situation a number of courses have been flip flopping back and forth regarding Active then Inactive.  Once winter scores are wiped out they can’t be recouped so they are holding off wiping out any more scores for the time being as this has caused problems at other courses.  I still don’t fully understand the reasoning but that is what I have been told.

  Starting May 1 the winter scores will show up in black but still count. Those who did not enter their scores during the winter (like myself because I had warned you all the system was flawed and tried to discourage others from entering these scores as well) will find their handicaps to be correct and no further adjustments will be required going forward.    

  Any new members who do not have login information for score entry into the Golf Canada website ( please contact Curtis Baldwin or Craig Barr in the Pro Shop.    

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As always, any questions or concerns please send me an email.      

John Faris   Handicap & Rules Chair   Meadow Gardens Golf Club