6-6-6 Teams, Groups and times announced

  1. Steve Rice-Jones and Jack Tossavainem, Sean Anderson and Victor Omaye – 7:52
  2. Ken Nishi and Angelo Viani, Ron Dunsire and Keith Gill – 8:00
  3. Bob Grant and Craig Anderson, Chris Begg and Joel Levene – 8:08
  4. Marcus Frew and Glenn Hara, Kim Fordyce and Gavin Copland – 8:16
  5. Kris Yardley and Michael Yamamoto, Ralph Altenried and Mas Watanabe – 8:24
  6. Dennis Thompson and Rod Hughes, Heath Stone and Steve Coppin – 8:32
  7. Dan Walton and Barry Ennis, Jake Phillips and Dan Lafleur – 8:40

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