Bob Derby

Joined 1986 ~ Passed Away June 2015

Robert was a proud Scotsman, he came from Dumfries. His spirit made him a bit of the lad “Jack” when the police came a knocking at the front door he ran out the back.
He moved down to England away from his roots and became a skinhead with doc martin boots. It was around about this time he caught Amanda’s eye she quite liked the look of this big guy.

The British Army turned the boy into a man and his marriage to Amanda completed the plan. Everything Rob’s done was done with real passion.

A move to Canada when he’d served his country was where the couple really wanted to be. Very soon employed, working for BC Transit this likeable man did easily fit.
In the middle of this the patter of tiny feet, the birth of daughter Lindsay made the family complete. As a Union Rep he did his best for the guys even if it meant a few little white lies.

Golf became a love that he started to play. He could probably play it day after day. Sometimes you couldn’t understand him at all with his scots-cockney-Canadian drawl.
Today I think of what the Big Guy meant to me and to you, smile, laugh, shed a tear, like he would want you to do. You’ll all have your own memories to instantly recall, Bob was loved by so many of us and will be missed by all.

Bob was a member of Meadow Gardens for 25yrs until he moved to Osoyoos is 2011, beginning when the clubhouse was only a trailer and served as Rules and Handicap chair for many years.


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