Member’s Memorial

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There are no goodbyes for us.
Wherever you are, you
will always be in our hearts and minds.
~ Gandhi

Regardless of handicap or skill level or frequency of play, the greatest gift that golf provides is friendship. Four hours on the golf course, laughing, competing, sharing stories and creating memories that can be recalled when that friend is no longer available to play golf.

We have created this memorial section on the Men’s club website to honor  those members no longer with us and for those of us who are better for having spent time with them.

We miss their faces.
We miss their laughs.
We miss their quirks.
We miss their stories.
We just miss spending time with them.

In memory of:


2019 Winners
1st – Sad Thiara, Sharen Thiara, Sam Gandesha, Angelo Viani – 27
2nd – Chris Begg, Lisa Begg, Rod Hughes, Keith Gill – 18
3rd – Elna de Klerk, Dave Sharp, Jake Callihou, Ken Nishi -15

Long Drive
Ladies – Sue Fordyce
Men – Marcus Frew

Sad Thiara x 2, Steve Rice-Jones, Mas Watanabe, Terry Omaye

2018 Winners
Steve Rice-Jones/Minto Roy/Gary Sundvick/Brent Goodrich