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Your Instructors:

Gord Lee – formally trained by disciples of Confucius, Gord specializes in the art of deflection. If you hear Gord tell you that “he really isn’t interested in what you have to say”, it’s really code for “you are asking too many questions”.

Minto Roy – learned to play golf on the mean streets of Jane and Finch with the consequences of loosing being your partners flogging you with their clubs. From an early age, Minto recognized the importance of winning and is well rounded in all school curriculum.

Guest Instructors:

2018 Member Brian Atkinson

Brian Atkinson – You may recognize Brian from the popular 80’s TV Show, “You too can shoot net 52”. Brian specializes in Net Score sandbagging.

Courses offered:
Phase 1Learn the Lingo. In this introductory phase, you learn how to sound like a sandbagger. After the course, you will be able to insert terms like “I am really grabable today” into almost any regular sentence like a pro. BONUS, for the first 20 students – Also learn how to insert a sustainability and carbon sequestration narrative into any conversation!

Phase 2The art of deflection. In this phase you learn how to focus playing partners attention on some other member of your group’s perceived sandbagging, good subjects to start an argument with, playing the nice guy, spiking coffee and many other useful tools.

Phase 3Skill Development. Learn practical skills such as one handed putting, 2 putt gimmees, the 17th hole melt down, Oops – I pulled it into the water and many, many other techniques to ensure your handicap never gets out of hand.

Phase 4Timing & Math. Ever wonder how long you have to manipulate your cap or precisely what score you need to shoot to ensure the decimal place of your index does not drop you down a notch? If so this is the phase for you! For a limited time also get a free trial membership to Sandbagger.ca

Phase 5Betting. In this advanced phase you will explore all aspects of sand bag betting including: Lulling your opponents into a false sense of security, when to drop the hammer, how much is too much?, organizing your schedule so you peak at the right tournament etc…

Phase 6The cover up. Here you learn how to turn down the heat when you are winning too much. Socializing with the wives, donating 10% of you winnings to charity and even tax strategies!

Sign-up for the year long course before the end of March and receive a bonus copy of Minto’s book “How to improve your putting at will”!

Course Cost – Only $999.95 + 3% royalty on all future winnings.