Summer Rules Info

Summer Rules In Effect TBA 2018

The Handicap Computer will be reset on this day as well, and all scores posted at Meadow Gardens during the winter months for temporary “Winter Handicaps” should be wiped from the system. All scores should be entered in as timely a manner as possible after play – which under normal circumstances would be within 24 hours. Those rounds played away from Meadow Gardens should be posted in a timely manner as well.

Please make yourself aware of all Local Rules, some of which include the following:

Embedded Ball Through The Green

Any ball that is embedded anywhere on the course can be lifted, cleaned and dropped within one club-length, no closer to the hole without penalty. A ball that is lost but is likely certain to have been embedded can be replaced and dropped at the nearest agreeable spot to where it was lost due to being embedded without penalty.

Fescue Hazards

All Fescue areas should be marked with Red Stakes and are played as regular hazards, with the exception of the Environmentally Sensitive Area (ESA) between #10 and #15. The hazard line is determined by the “NATURAL” cut line of the fescue and not the actual hazard markers. Sparsely grown areas are still part of the hazard if they lie inside the natural cut line (mower cut line) of the hazard – regardless of length. All RCGA Rules governing playing from a water hazard apply to fescue areas.

Designated Drop Zones

There are designated drop zones for the following holes for those can’t legally proceed under the Provision of Rule 26 or who prefer to use the optional drop zones.

#5- short left of the green for balls entering the hazard over the cart path, left of the green.
#7- back left of the green for balls going into the hazard long.
#11-back left of the green (other side of cart path) for balls going long into the hazard.
#18-back left of the green for balls going long into the hazard.
Other areas, specifically right side of #6 and around front of #14 green have been marked with recessed red hazard lines indicating where the hazard begins to allow for a far penalty drop – if chosen.

Any questions on any of the above please feel free to drop me a notehere.

John Faris
Handicap & Rules Chair
Meadow Gardens Golf Club

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