Registration Information

Men’s Club fees 2021

Welcome to 2021 Men’s Club! 

The fixture sheet is posted on the website and two calendars are posted at the course showing event dates. Note that we will endeavor to keep the calendars updated if anything changes but the fixture sheet on the web is the official list.

This year we have a total of 23 events on the calendar covering 34 tournament days.  The calendars include a slot for the Senior Men’s Championship on July 11/12.  While this is a Seniors Club tournament, most of us qualify for that event so we have included it in the rotation so there are no conflicting events.

2021 Men’s Club Registration is now openAnnual fees remain at $200 this year, as do the pay as you go fees of $20 per one-day tournament and $30 per two-day tournament.  Fees can be paid in cash, by cheque or by e-transfer to Brian Atkinson our Men’s Club treasurer.  Brian’s email is Email Brian

 The $200 option represents good value as we have 7 two-day tournaments and 9 one-day tournaments covered by the registration.  Pay as you go for all 16 would cost $390

We are looking forward to a full and fun season!