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For MG Men’s Club players to be eligible for Men’s Club Tournament skill and draw prizes, you must choose one of these options from the  Men’s Club Registration Info. The prize fee for this tournament is $30 for pay as you go players.

2020 Spring Open Tournament Rules

      • Play from the Hybrid Tees
      • Summer Rules are in effect. The ball is to be played down with the exception of the Local Rule regarding embedded balls outside of a hazard.
      • Bare areas inside of 15 yards of the green to be played as Ground Under Repair. This includes areas “marked” as GUR and those not. Those areas not marked are subject to approval of playing partners “prior” to taking a drop. Obvious areas on all fairways that should have been marked GUR and are not – are entitled to free relief once approval is obtained from playing partners as well. There is “NO RELIEF” given in the rough, except where permitted under RGCA and Local Rules and where marked as GUR
      • All Fescue areas are HAZARDS and are to be played as such. The line of the Fescue Hazard is defined by the contour of the fescue cut and not a straight line between red hazard stakes. Stakes are placed 1-2 feet back from the fescue in some areas to allow for mowing and simply represent the presence of a hazard and not the actual hazard line. Obvious areas that would normally be marked as GUR are to be played as GUR. You can lift, clean and place your ball through the green. Remember, this is one club length in the fairway (no closer to the hole) and 6” on the green aprons and rough. Balls in the rough stay in the rough – balls in the fairway stay in the fairway. Balls in the Hazards, including Fescue Hazards must be played “as is” if you elect to play it without relief under penalty. You may touch the ball in the Hazard only to identify it.
      • Bunkers- If your ball comes to rest in a footprint or club divot you may lift, not clean it and foot rake the sand to the natural contour of the bunker then replace the ball in exactly the same spot.  You may not create a sand tee or more favorable lie by changing the slope near or under the ball.  There were reports of individuals creating a teeing bump during the spring 2 ball.  You know who you are.  That is a penalty.  
      • Handicaps used will be RCGA Handicaps.
      • Target Pace of Play for this tournament is 4 hours and 10 minutes.  Groups over 4 hours and 20 minutes will be penalized unless they are tight to the group in front of them. That means within 8 minutes of the group in front of them. Play ready golf. There is no penalty in Stroke Play for hitting out of turn. If you have a playing partner who is slower than the rest of the group politely ask them to “move their ass”. Slow play will not be tolerated. Multiple 3 minute ball searches are not a slow play excuse. Penalties will be invoked by the Men’s Club Captain and Handicap Chair at their discretion.
      • All other rules will be governed by RCGA.
      • Payouts will be for top 3 gross and net scores.
      • No KP’s
      • Deuces will earn two sleeves of balls as follows   :Low Caps are 9 and lower.  High Caps are 10 and higher
    • Saturday- Low caps on #4&17, High caps on #7&13
    • Sunday –  Low caps on #7&13, High caps on #4&17, 
  • Two scorecards are to be kept by each group, one electronic, one paper.  If your group cannot post to the Golf Canada app it is your responsibility to have somebody post your scores in the app after the round.
  • EACH GROUP IS RESPONSIBLE FOR VERIFYING THEIR ELECTRONIC AND PAPER SCORECARDS.  The Golf Canada app is the only “official” scorecard. These scores are to be posted as “Tournament Scores” in the Handicap Computer.
  • If unsure of a possible ruling – play a second ball and record the scores for both balls until a ruling from the Handicap/Rules Committee can be obtained.
  • Sunday tee time groupings will be made up based on Saturday results, with the top 8 low net scores and top 8 low gross scores receiving later tee times. 

2019 Spring Open Winners
Low Gross – Heath Stone -1
Low Net – Dennis Thompson -10
2nd Low Gross – Steve Rice-Jones +1
2nd Low Net – Dave Sharp -4 (Retrogression)
3rd Low Gross – John Faris +13
3rd Low Net – Glenn Shapendonk -4

Barry Ennis, Glenn Shapendonk, Bob Grant, Minto Roy, Mike Yamamoto, Stu Rogers, Steve Rice-Jones, Keith Gill, Jack Tossavainen

Deuce Pot
Sad Thiara x 2, Perry Nishihata, Brent Goodrich, Sam Gandesha, Damon Jones, Barry Ennis x 2, Heath x 2, John Faris, Mike Doran, Keith Gill, Victor Omaye

Shirt Draw
Dennis Thompson

Umbrella Draw
Angelo Viani

Dinner for two at Town Hall
Sad Thiara
Gary Sundvick

Spring Open Winners Brent Lineker and Adam Redfern

2018 Spring Open Winners
Low Gross – Brent Lineker +5
Low Net – Adam Redfern -5
2nd Low Gross – Mike Doran +11
2nd Low Net – Walter Koriath -3 (Retrogression)
3rd Low Gross – Minto Roy +16
3rd Low Net – Ken Nishi -3

Glen Shapendonk, Brent Lineker, Ron Dunsire, Mike Yamamoto, Dale Constantinoff, Angelo Viani, Ken Nishi, Gord Ennis

Deuce Pot
Dennis Thompson, Dale Constantinoff, Glen Hara, Keith Gill

Shirt Draw
Brent Lineker

Ball Draw
Mas Watanabe