Three Wise Men Scramble

The Three Wise Men Scramble is not included in the Pre Pay Package

3 Wise Men Scramble Tournament Rules

  • Play from the White Tees and only restriction is 4 tee shots per player.
  • Winter Rules are in Effect – this includes Local Rules pertaining to areas such as bunkers, leaves, plugged balls and others.
  • Teams will Handicaps used with be RCGA Handicaps.
  • Pace of Play – 4hrs 10 minutes
  • All other rules will be governed by RCGA.
  • Winning Team – $840/Team 2nd Place – $630/Team 3rd Place – $420/Team 4th Place – $210/Team based on 42 participants in 2019.
  • There are KP’s on each Par 3
  • There is no Deuce Pot available for this tournament.
  • There will be Para-mutual betting permitted after team selection for those who would like to participate. Betting in $5 increments for Win only. The pot will be split 70% to the 1st Place Team and 30% to the 2nd Place Team divided by the number of bets on each.
    Teams will be selected via draft following Men’s Club play on Saturday. All players are divided into Three Tiers based on handicaps, and with 27 players that will be 9/Tier. 9 Captains will be randomly selected, with 3 from each Tier. While you don’t have to be at the draft on Saturday to play Sunday, you cannot be a Captain unless present obviously.
  • Cards will be randomly drawn by the Captains to determine draft order. The draft will work like a hockey pool draft whereby the second round will be in reverse order to the first. ie – if you pick first in the first round you will pick last in the second round.
  • The only requirement is that you must pick players whereby you have one player from each Tier on your team. Each team will comprise a player from Tier I, II and III.
  • Once the teams have been selected the teams will be handicapped based on the individual indexes of each player on each team. Renowned professional golf scoring system providers, “Leaderboard” have an app that determines team handicaps based on various scramble formats (this is a Texas Scramble with four drives per player required) and player indexes which produces a Team Handicap. All teams will get 60% of the handicap calculated with that system. All teams will play off of the lowest Team Handicap. ie. The lowest Team Handicap is Team #3 with a hdcp of 8 and Team #7 has a hdcp of 11 – Team #7 will be allocated a handicap of 3. Their total score -3 will be their posted score. You need to keep this in mind when picking team players as the lowest handicap team isn’t necessarily the best way to go if there are potential handicap strokes available with higher handicap players.

    This is how the handicaps are calculated
    Enter the course handicap and choose the Texas scramble option

2019 Three Wise Men Scramble winners, Minto Roy, Bob Grant, Glenn Hara

2019 3 Wise Men Tournament Winners
1st – Minto Roy, Bob Grant, Glenn Hara (59 Net)
2nd – Danny Koriath, Ron Dunsire, Al Hollett (60 Net)
3rd – Adam Redfern, Stu Rogers, Rod Hughes (61 Net)
4th – (Tie) Kim Fordyce, Joe Guzzo, Tiff Tonn & Sean Burke, Gavin Copland, Angelo Viani (62 Net)
John Hooper, Marcus Frew, Dennis Thompson, Tiff Tonn
Draw Prizes
Dan Walton & Mas Watanabe – $100 Spa Utopia gift cards courtesy of Mint Construction
Kim Fordyce & John Hooper – Callaway Golf Shits courtesy of IQ Solutions Inc.
Steve Rice-Jones & Al Hollett – Dinners for two courtesy of Town Hall Public House
Keith Gill & Sam Gandesha – $25 Gift cards courtesy of Town Hall Public House

2018 3 Wise Men Tournament Winners
1st (Tie) – (Dan Walton, Ron Dunsire, Keith Gill), (Minto Roy, Walter Koriath, Sad Thiara)
3rd (Tie) – (Kim Fordyce, Dan Lafleur, Jack Tossavainen), (Adam Redfern, Gary Sundvick, Glenn Shapendonk), (Bob Grant, Ken Nishi, Mike Yamamoto)
Angelo Viani, Gary Sundvick, Ron Cassan, Gord Lee

Past Winners
2017 – Minto Roy/?/?
2013 – Damon Jones/Dale Constantinoff/Glenn Hara