Club Championship


Men’s Club Championship sign-up is Closed


To be eligible for the  Men’s Club Championship event you must  be on the Annual Prepay plan for Men’s Club. For the Annual Prepay members this event is included in their package.

Club Championship Tournament Rules

  • Play from the Blue Tees
  • Summer Rules are in Effect. The ball is to be played down with the exception of the Local Rule regarding embedded balls outside of a hazard. There is “NO RELIEF” given in the rough, except where permitted under RGCA and Local Rules and where marked as GUR.
  • Handicaps used will be RCGA Handicaps.
  • Pace of Play – 4hrs 20 minutes
  • All other rules will be governed by RCGA.
  • You are to keep your score as well as that of one of your playing partners. On Saturday, take the score card with your name on it and exchange with one of your playing partners at the first tee. On Sunday simply repeat the process with a Blank Scorecard. Please ensure that the scores for each player match up prior to submitting your score card. Signed and Attested cards are to be brought to the Member’s area at the conclusion of play. These scores are to be posted as “Tournament Scores”.
  • If unsure of a possible ruling – play a second ball and record the scores for both balls until a ruling from the Handicap/Rules Committee can be obtained.
  • Playing or Practicing on any part of the golf course other than driving range and practice greens on Saturday prior to teeing off, or Sunday prior to Sunday’s round is grounds for disqualification, as per Rule 7(b). We will permit those who wish to play additional golf on Saturday “after” Saturday’s round.
  • Sunday tee time groupings will be made up based on Saturday results.
  • Measurement devices used strictly for determining yardages may be used in this competition. However, any device that can also determine other factors such as wind velocity, slope of greens etc. are prohibited and those found using such as device are subject to disqualification.

2018 Club Championship winners Steve Rice-Jones and Sad Thiara

2018 Club Championship Tournament Winners

Low Gross – Steve Rice-Jones +10
2nd Low Gross – Michael Uhm +13
3rd Low Gross – Ralph Altenried +18
4th Low Gross – Gord Lee +20
Low Net – Sad Thiara -Even
2nd Low Net – Glenn Shapendonk -Even
3rd Low Net – Adam Redfern +1
4th Low Net – Dale Constantinoff +2

Deuce Pot
Marcus Frew, Minto Roy, Chris Begg, Ralph Altenried, Steve Rice-Jones, Dennis Thompson, Danny Koriath

Club Championship

Club Championship Low Net
Past Winners
2017 – Steve Rice-Jones
2016 – Steve Rice-Jones
2015 – Steve Rice-Jones
2014 – Steve Rice-Jones
2013 – Minto Roy
2012 – Larry Valcamp
2011 – Jamie Carlisle
2010 – Rudy Friesen
2009 – Dwight Jones
2008 – Masa Takahashi
2007 – Iljin Kyung
2006 – Mark Tonello
2005 – Adam Karim
2004 – Ian Davies
2003 – Aaron Collier
2002 – Masa Takahashi
2001 – Mike Boyd
2000 – Jim Boyd
1999 – Henry Koivisto
1998 – Paul Sharp
1997 – Paul Sharp
1996 – Paul Sharp
1991 – Orest Strayski
1990 – Orest Strayski
1989 – Charlie Sam
1988 – Garry McLean
1987 – Orest Strayski
1986 – Jim Boyd
1985 – Jake Calihoo
1984 – Ed Curtis
1983 – Vic White
1982 – Robert Boise
1981 – V.White
1980 – C.Wells Jr.
1979 – Brian Wells
1977 – J. Smith
1976 – Arnold Stewart

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