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2023 Fall 2 Ball sign-up sheet OPEN

For MG Men’s Club players to be eligible for Men’s Club Tournament skill and draw prizes, you must choose one of these options from the  Men’s Club Registration Info. The prize fee for this tournament is $30 for pay as you go players.

Fall 2 Ball Tournament Rules

  • Two Day Event
  • Play from the Hybrid Tees
  • Handicaps used with be RCGA Handicaps.
  • Pace of Play – 4hrs 10 minutes
  • All other rules will be governed by RCGA.
  • There is no Deuce Pot for this event.

Since this is a Team Best Ball Event and only one best net score per hole per team is used for the competition all shots will not be required to be holed out by all players. If you are out of a hole then pick up please. For handicap purposes you would record the score you “likely” would have achieved had you holed out. For example, your partner is on the green laying two and you are in the fairway laying 5. Hit your shot to the green then pick up and record your 7– unless it is likely your partner will 6 putt. In short – if your partner has holed a score that your net score cannot beat – pick up and move on please.

Two Scorecards are required per Foursome. Please keep yours and the other team’s scores. Individual scores must be recorded for each hole (see above) for handicap purposes. Also record the one team best net score per hole where indicated on the scorecard.

Each Team is responsible for posting their own scores on the Score Sheets after their round.


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