Irish Shamble

2023 Irish Shamble Sign-up is OPEN


Irish Shamble

For MG Men’s Club players to be eligible for Men’s Club Tournament skill and draw prizes, you must choose one of these options from the  Men’s Club Registration Info. The prize fee for this tournament is $20 for pay as you go players.


Irish Shamble Tournament Rules  

  • Play from the White Tees.  
  • Winter Rules are in Effect – this includes Local Rules pertaining to areas such as bunkers, leaves, plugged balls and others.  
  • Handicaps used with be RCGA Handicaps.  
  • Pace of Play – 4:10 hrs   
  • All other rules will be governed by RCGA.  
  • Prizing is for First/Second and Third Place – Low Net and Low Gross. If a player finishes in the top 3 in both categories,  he will be awarded the most valuable of the two prizes with the gross prize taking precedence in the event of even placings.  Since you are also working as a team off the tee, two sleeves of balls will be awarded to the other members of a group whose participant finishes either First Low Net or First Low Gross, since those group members no doubt aided in that player achieving their scores. Double Dipping is permitted (ie – one group member wins Low Net and another wins Low Gross in the same group – the other 3 members receive balls for each first-place finisher.  
  • This is a Modified Shamble Tournament.  After all tee off on a hole – select the best tee shot and all players proceed to the best tee shot selected. You then play your own ball in from there for the remainder of the hole. Record your own gross score for shots taken – including the one stroke for the tee shot selected. You must all agree on the same tee shot to be used. Majority rules.   
  • Groups of Four must use a minimum Two Drives for each player. Groups of Three must use minimum Three Drives for each player.  
  • Handicaps have been adjusted as follows and adjusted based on current RCGA Handicaps. Those with 0-9 handicaps have been allotted 50% of their caps, 10-19 have been allotted 60% of their caps and 20+ have been allotted 70% of their caps. This is based on the premium drives each player will be enjoying throughout the round and the proximity of tee to green. Players were tiered into four groups based on average driving distance and handicaps.  A random number generator was then used to select the teams  from participants in each group.  Groups were reviewed to confirm approx. the same advantages on the Teeing Grounds.  
  • Each player is responsible for posting his score on the scoresheet in the members’ lounge – bring your own sharpie.   
  • Winners will be announced on the website and prizes left for pickup at the Pro Shop.  

2019 Irish Shamble Winners
Low Gross – Kris Yardley 68
2nd Low Gross – Heath Stone 72
3rd Low Gross – Steve Rice-Jones 73
Low Net – Bob Grant 64
2nd Low Net – Mas Watanabe 67
3rd Low Net – Ken Nishi 68

Low Gross Riders
Angelo Viani, Glenn Hara, Kim Fordyce

Low Net Riders
Sean Anderson, Craig Anderson, Gavin Copland

Mas Watanabe, Sad Thiara, Gavin Copland, Minto Roy

2018 Irish Shamble Winners
Low Gross – Gord Lee 72
2nd Low Gross – Minto Roy 74
3rd Low Gross – Brent Lineker 75
Low Net – Glenn Shapendonk 67
2nd Low Net – Sad Thiara 68
3rd Low Net – Ron Dunsire 71

Low Gross Riders
Stu Rogers, Glenn Hara, George Mark

Low Net Riders
Minto Roy, Ron Dunsire, Perry Nishihata

Mas Watanabe, Bob Grant, Ron Dunsire, Minto Roy

Past Winners (Irish Tombstone)
2014 – Dale Constantinoff
2013 – Minto Roy
2012 – Larry Valcamp

Masters Trophy
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