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2023 Ironman Sign up sheet is Closed

For MG Men’s Club players to be eligible for Men’s Club Tournament skill and draw prizes, you must choose one of these options from the  Men’s Club Registration Info. The prize fee for this tournament is $20 for pay as you go players.

2023 Ironman Rules

This year the Ironman is a flighted tournament with Black and Blue tees in play. 

No KP’s for this tournament Deuces receive balls.    

  • The fee for this tournament is $20 for pay as you go players.

Ironman Rules

  • Summer Rules are in effect. The ball is to be played down with the exception of the Local Rule regarding embedded balls outside of a hazard.
  • All Fescue areas are HAZARDS and are to be played as such. The line of the Fescue Hazard is defined by the contour of the fescue cut and not a straight line between red hazard stakes. Balls in the Hazards, including Fescue Hazards must be played “as is” if you elect to play it without taking penalty relief. You may touch the ball in the Hazard only to identify it.
  • Obvious areas that would normally be marked as GUR are to be played as GUR. You can lift, clean and place your ball through the green. Remember, this is one club length in the fairway (no closer to the hole) and 6” on the green aprons and rough. Balls in the rough stay in the rough – balls in the fairway stay in the fairway.
  • If unsure of a possible ruling – play a second ball and record the scores for both balls until a ruling from the Handicap/Rules Committee can be obtained.
  • Handicaps used with be RCGA Handicaps as of the cutoff date.
  • Target Pace of Play for this tournament is 4 hours and 15 minutes.  Groups over 4 hours and 23 minutes will be penalized NO EXCEPTIONS unless they are tight to the group in front of them (within 8 minutes). Play ready golf. If you have a playing partner who is slower than the group politely ask them to “move faster”. Slow play will not be tolerated. Multiple 3 minute ball searches are not a slow play excuse. Penalties will be invoked by the Men’s Club Captain and Handicap Chair. One warning will be given . .
  • All other rules will be governed by RCGA.
  • Two scorecards are to be kept by each group, one electronic, one paper.  If your group cannot post to the Golf Canada app it is your responsibility to have somebody post your scores in the app after the round.

2019 Ironman Tournament Winners
Low Gross – Kris Yardley +2
2nd Low Gross – Sean Yoon +8
3rd Low Gross – Steve Rice-Jones +11
Low Net – Jeff Song +2
2nd Low Net – Steve Coppin +4 (Retrogression)
3rd Low Net – Keith Gill +4

Deuce Pot
Sean Yoon, Marcus Frew

Mas Watanabe, (in lieu of KP’s – Ron Dunsire, Steve Rice-Jones, Joel Levene)

Draw Prizes
Modern Golf putting session – Jack Tossavainen
Shirt – Bob Harrison

2018 Ironman Winners Brent Lineker and Minto Roy

2018 Ironman Tournament Winners
Low Gross – Brent Lineker +8
2nd Low Gross – Mike Doran +9
3rd Low Gross – Jeff Song +9
Low Net – Minto Roy +1
2nd Low Net – Glenn Shapendonk +2
3rd Low Net – Dale Constantinoff +2

Deuce Pot
Bob Grant, Damon Jones, Dennis Thompson

Frank Franco, Damon Jones, Dennis Thompson

Past Winners
2017 – Minto Roy
2015 – Minto Roy

2013 – Ralph Altenried
2012 – John Faris
2008 – John Fairs
2007 – Makahashi Takahashi
2006 – Damon Jones
2005 – Rudy Friesen
2003 – Rudy Friesen
2002 – Paul Sharp
2000 – Kyle Coleman
1999 – Daniel Brodeur
1998 – Steve Herkovits

Ironman History

The charity Ironman tournament was introduced by Damon Jones in 2007. The purpose of the event was two fold. 1) To play Meadow Gardens under “true championship conditions” by making the course the longest it could play, (stretched to 7200 yards) combined with fast greens and little water on course leading up to event. This was a moot point for first two years as we had incredible amounts of rain prior which some may say was a true “Ironman” event while others say just wet and cold. The second purpose of the tournament was for charity. For the first three years the charity of choice was Canadian Cancer Society and in excess of 70k was raised for a great cause that many could clearly relate to. The membership support with participation through sponsorship was amazing and Damon was grateful for the support.

Damon retired from the running the event after three years and unfortunately no one else stepped up to run it.

Fast forward a few years and Damon was coerced by Don Gold and Sam Gandesha to resume the event which then partnered with the Heart and Stroke foundation as the charity of choice. Another great cause and around 50k was raised in two events thanks again to the great support of many members and the business they work with.

The event has always been a good one that clearly helps out charity and showcases MGGC well. The Ironman tournament has continued as a MG Men’s Club Event ever since.

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