Progressive Tee’s

Progressive Tee sign-up sheet

To be eligible for Men’s Club Tournament skill and draw awards if you are not on the Annual Pre-pay plan, players need to choose the Pay as you go option.

2018 Pay as you go option for Men’s Club Tournaments
The pay as you go fee for the Spring Open Tournament is $15. These entry fees must be paid to Ken or Mike prior to tournament start and you still must sign-up for the tournament through form at the top of the page or the book in the men’s’ locker room. As mentioned above, qualified members may participate in any tournament with no entry fee however will not be included in the low gross and low net pots, KP’s, Deuce Pot or draw prizes.

Progressive Tee’s Tournament Rules

  • Players begin from the White Tees. If player makes NET par he stays on the same tee when teeing off on the next hole. If NET bogey or worse is made you move to next forward tee. If NET birdie or better is made you move to back to next tee.
  • Summer Rules In Effect.
  • Pace of Play for this Tournament is 4 hours – 10 minutes – MAXIMUM. Those groups playing outside of this allotment may be penalized. Play ready golf. There is no penalty in Stroke Play for hitting out of turn. If you have a playing partner who tends to be much slower than the rest of the group politely ask them to “move their ass”. Slow play will not be tolerated. Groups falling behind more than a hole will be asked to explain why and run the risk of incurring penalties for the entire group. Penalties will be invoked by the Men’s Club Captain and Handicap Chair at their discretion. Two Scorecards must be punched when first player tees off, at the turn and at the conclusion of the round. A one-stroke penalty for each player in the group for each missing time.
  • All other rules will be governed by RCGA.
  • Payouts will be for top 3 gross and net scores.
  • KP’s will be awarded on Holes 4 & 17. ***UPDATED***Please play the par 3 from whatever tee you are one under the progressive format.
  • There will be a $75 Deuce Pot.
  • Two scorecards are to be kept by each group. Please ensure that the scores for each player match up prior to submitting your score card.
  • If unsure of a possible ruling – play a second ball and record the scores for both balls until a ruling from the Handicap/Rules Committee can be obtained.
    2019 Progressive Tee winnters Keith Gill and Mike Doran

    2019 Progressive Tee Tournament Winners

    Low Gross – Mike Doran +4
    2nd Low Gross – Heath Stone +5
    3rd Low Gross – Ralph Altenried +8
    Low Net – Keith Gill – 8
    2nd Low Net – Sad Thiara – 3
    3rd Low Net – Glenn Shapendonk – 3
    Deuce Pot
    John Faris, Sean Burke, Kim Fordyce, Gary Sundvick
    Sad Thiara, Heath Stone, Mike Yamamoto, Dennis Thompson


2018 Progressive Tee Tournament Winners
Low Gross – Steve Rice-Jones +4
2nd Low Gross – John Faris +6
3rd Low Gross – Dan Walton +7
Low Net – Kim Fordyce
2nd Low Net – Bob Grant
3rd Low Net – Ron Dunsire

Deuce Pot
Brian Atkinson, Dan Lafleur, Dennis Thompson, Bent Lineker, Bob Harrison, Gary Sundvick

Victor Omaye, Dan Walton, John Faris, Walter Koriath

Sheep Award
Mike Yamamoto

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