Updates for Men’s Club payment box procedures

The Men’s Club box in the pro-shop is provided to collect payments from Men’s Club members for non-tournament weekend play ($10 per day) and Pay as you go tournament play ($15 for one day, $25 for two day tournaments) Men’s Club Registration Info. Annual Play members only need to provide payment for non-tournament weekend play the 4 tournaments not covered: Tournaments and Events. The Men’s Club would like to clarify the procedures as follows:

  • Please ensure you have the correct denominations for payment as the pro-shop is unwilling to give members change for this purpose.
  • If you do not have the correct denomination, please put what you have in an envelope with your name on it and the Men’s Club will provide change, upstairs in the Member’s Lounge afterwards when the scoring is calculated.
  • Payment must be made prior to tee-off.
  • Please do not seal your envelope so you can reuse it ongoing.
  • If you have to run after the round, don’t worry, the Men’s Club will keep your winnings for when we see you next, scoring is posted on the scoring page of this site.
  • In the event of temporary greens, for all or a portion of the round, the game for that given day will be cancelled. Check with the pro-shop when you arrive for green status.
  • Prize payment is optional.

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