Summer Rules – Handicap Computer Activation Update

Hello Members,

Despite the recent nice weather, due to the recent aeration of the golf course that included fairways and greens and overall course conditions, the earliest we will be going to Summer Rules and activation of the Handicap Computer for regular handicaps for Meadow Gardens will be May 15th. In collaboration with the Club Captains we will make a determination closer to that date if we will in fact invoke Summer Rules at that time, but for now the course will remain under “Winter Rules” unless stipulated differently for any specific competition the Club Captains have organized until further notice. We will send out another update as we get closer to the next target date of May 15th. A reminder that just because Meadow Garden’s computers are closed (with the exception of calculating winter handicaps) doesn’t mean other rounds played outside of Meadow Gardens should not be entered. Always be aware of the “Active Season” for those rounds played away from Meadow Gardens.

As always – any questions or concerns please let me know.

John Faris
Handicap & Rules Chair
Meadow Gardens Golf Club

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