Three Wise Men pick series ~ Captain’s Picks

For those of you who know Mike, you know he likes the ponies. After fully digesting a track program he will announce with confidence his picks based on some obscure logic. As such and to help Scramble Captains, here are Mike picks:

Who to pick? from the 4th Magi who wasn’t mentioned because the scribes ran out of papyrus paper.

From flight “A”, I have to pick the lucksack, Minto Roy. He may not be the best player in the field but no one on the planet comes close to the luck factor involved with this pick. Factor in the 30 year scotch smooth putting stroke when cash is on the line makes this one a lock.

From flight “B”, I have to go with the young fella Sean Anderson. He hits it a mile (in any direction) and also has a smooth putting stroke. Factor in his two out of three tournament wins this year and you can take this guy to the bank.

From flight “C”, I have to go with the most intense guy in the field, Mas Watanabe. He hits it a kilometer (Japan is metric) hits all greens in reg and makes the odd long bomb on the greens. Okane no akachan.

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