Three Wise Men pick series ~ Vice Captain’s Picks

Congratulations to everyone in Men’s Club for making this year’s Three Wise Men Scramble the largest field that we have ever had!   We are excited and grateful to have 42 players in the field!

For Saturday’s draft here’s a bit of a scouting report; 


Kris Yardley – Hard not to pick a guy who played on a Professional Tour against real golfers and now competes against old mortals from the white tees.  If you don’t like hitting flip wedge into every green don’t pick this guy.   

Heath Stone – Another strong choice and maybe the second best golfer in Men’s Club.  If you’re on his team however, you must do 100 push ups before the round and tuck your sweater into your fitted pants.    

Ricer – The 4-time club champ and the current 5-time Men’s Club Champ.   

It’s important to remind Ricer every few holes that he’s playing in a team scramble and what the rules are.  Also a great pick if you go to Cuba and don’t ever want to go out after 8:00 pm.

Sean Burke – Sneaky good pick that pretends he rides a real motorcycle.    Long off the tee, great putter, highly competitive, quick with an insult, and carries beer in his bag to drink on weekends before noon.    

Stu Rogers – New to the A-flight after just becoming one of the top 14 handicaps in Men’s Club.   Based on handicaps, this pick will guarantee your team starts 3 or 4 under-par.  If he gets a long hitter, Stu could be the dark horse in the field. 

Ralph – I’ve always said that drafting Ralph is like buying a used car and after a few weeks thinking, “@$%&&!!! I should have bought a new one!”  I still believe, however, this used car has got some mojo left.   As a bonus with this pick, a bus will be running you over around noon Sunday. 

Minto – This guy used to win.  But the addition of a major electrical shock on most of his 2-foot putts leave him struggling to shoot good scores and his inevitable transformation to becoming a 1970’s version of Spider Man’s arch villain Electro.  Also, if anyone is looking for a heavily used, broken laser-finder? Minto’s selling one for $50 bucks or will trade it for Beggsy’s bag that he torched.

My pick – I can’t pick anyone from A-flight because I don’t have enough time before the tournament to raise my handicap by 4 strokes to get into 

B-flight.  If the tournament gets rained out, I might try to get my cap to 11 in two weeks and re-evaluate. 

B-Flight & C-Flight 

Walter Koriath – Has a steady golf game and, like Sean Burke, also has a “motorcycle” that he drives on the course.   Unlike Burke, Walt can take a joke :).   Walt was on the winning team last year and has a fly set of new PXG irons that I’m hoping don’t work out for him so that I can buy them used for $500. 

Dan Lafleur:  Perhaps the best 76 year + golfer in Canada.   Still hits it longer than half the Men’s Club and will have you chuckling all day.   I know a lot of you in your 60s or early 70s want to feel younger.  Well, here’s your chance to feel like a spring chicken by drafting Dan.

Yamamoto – Yak always seems like a top pick.  We’ve all seen him hit the ball a mile.  We’ve all watched him hit the ball wildly.  We’ve all heard him say, “Ok, I’ll get the next hole.”  He’s a bit of a flyer pick, but if Yak drives the ball well on Sunday and continues to putt like he has been for the past month, he is definitely a top three B-Flight pick.   

Steve Coppin – The Bryan “Big Country” Reeves of the Draft.  Big, strong, competitive player and like Big Country has an equally impressive 2-inch vertical and a long list of injuries.   

Chris Begg – Beggsy is fresh off of a streak of 7 vacations in a row.  He has all the tools to play good golf, although his golf bag does have a big hole in it from a recent cigar lighter fire.  You’d think a guy living the high-life would buy a fireproof golf bag and stop blaming his intelligent, good looking, kind-hearted friend for burning a hole in his bag.  

Mas Watanabe – The leading money winner in Men’s Club this year and easily one of the top draft choices.  Mas would give most guys in B-Flight a competitive game straight up.  In fact, he’d give me a competitive game straight up.  Hey Mas, do you want to play straight-up for $50 on Saturday?    

Glen Shapendonk – Led Men’s Club last year in most money won and most responsible for global deforestation and the release of millions of kilograms of green house gases.  As an environmental steward, I might draft Glen first as a rehabilitation project.  In doing so, sacrificing winning this year’s tournament for the benefit of our planet and grandchildren.   

Angelo Viani – A better pick this year because Angelo is currently stocked with Cigars after coming back from Cuba.   He’ll still try to get a free one off you, but don’t fall for it.  This Italian beauty comes with a healthy 20 handicap, will drink what ever wine you order and if he manages to wear the same type of shoe on both his feet, he could be a great pick for Sunday!

Joel Levene – Joel just came off winning both partner format tournaments in Cuba.  An intense competitor that is hard on himself.  Struggles with long term relationships with women so be grateful that you’re a male and will only be his partner for one day.  You’ll be guaranteed several weekend handshakes and it’s a good chance he’ll give you his business card on Sunday.   

Thank you once again to everyone for supporting Men’s Club.  The weather looks great for this weekend and I hope the revelations in my scouting report will provide insight to help your draft a winning team.   

Good luck and see you on weekend !

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  1. Boys, be careful, very careful, as Minto is weaving his web to catch us all! Well thought out buddy….maybe you should be buying some insurance from me…I will give you a card next time I see and….put it there!

    1. A tangled web it is. Beware of Minto’s pre-(insert word here like round, shot, putt etc…) narrative. It is always loaded with hidden slant. A bit of a spine on this putt comes to mind…

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