Three Wise Men pick series ~ Who is HOT?

Based on podium finishes for the year and defending champs, here is our list of who’s HOT to ponder for your picks on Saturday:

Kris Yardley ~ 3 wins in 2019, wasn’t in the field for 2018. Hard to argue with three straight but is the entire team putting for eagle on holes #1, #2, #4, #5, #7, #8, #10, #11, #13, #14, #17 and #18 really worth the 5 strokes you may have to give-up to get him? Well probably.

Steve Rice-Jones ~ 2 podiums to start 2019, didn’t place in 2018. If you are lucky enough to select Ricer in 2019, we recommend the following dialogue prior to teeing off:
1. Yes Steve, we know you are hitting the ball longer and straighter for the past year and a half so we suggest taking less club and not yelling at the ball to cut, “why won’t my ball cut?” when you miss left.
2. Remind Steve that in the team game, him getting up and down isn’t a good strategy for selecting shots for the team.

Heath Stone ~ 2 podiums to start 2019, wasn’t in the field for 2018. If you don’t see Heath at the first tee he is likely still at the range after Saturday’s round practicing with Dan Walton and Steve Rice-Jones.

Mas Watanabe ~ 2 podiums to start 2019, wasn’t in the field for 2018. Mas definitely isn’t under the radar this year and is rightfully on both the Captain and Vice-Captain’s pick list as a very HOT player.

Defending Champs ~ Minto Roy (+1 podium in 2019), Dan Walton (+1 podium in 2019), Ron Dunsire (+1 podium in 2019), Keith Gill and Walter Koriath. Some perennial winners names in the group that will be gunning for a repeat of last year’s heroics. Minto’s all around game is solid but he will be tough to place in a putting order for putts under 3 feet. Put him first if you don’t feel you need a line, second if you think he will be assisted by a line and third if you want to place 14th in the scramble. Dan Walton could be a dark horse if he is in the fairway off the tee after an injury has kept him out for the past few months. It is recommended to watch he and his driver at the range before Saturday’s round. Ron Dunsire is riding the swell of his cap to the point that should have been listed as a +4 in the stats pack earlier in the week. Choose Ron if you feel like you need a steady, sly fox on your team. Keith, as a past rules chair, kept his team in check last year by giving them wrist chains to his infinity line. Close enough to read the put but not too close teammates! Last but not least in the 2018 winners circle was Walter Koriath who has gone Mobile since then and can make it to Starbucks and back on any hole and not be late for the next tee!

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