2019 Match Play draws announced

The 2019 Match Play draw is now posted. The first play date is Saturday May 4th. Here are the considerations when scheduling with your opponent:

  1. You may (and will probably have to) play your match during another tournament to get the matches in on schedule. You cannot play a match during a scramble and while you can concede putts for match play, you must put out for the tournament.
  2. If you are or your opponent are not available to play on the required date, please make every effort play the match early or prior to the following round, either on the weekends during Mens Club play or during the week if it works for both players. Contact Mike if you need the contact information of your opponent.
  3. Players can not be forced to play mid week but can if it works for both players.
  4. Please let the pro-shop know when you are booking your Mens Club times that you need to be grouped with your opponent. Both players will have to book with the pro-shop to confirm the match.
  5. If you cannot work out a play date with your opponent prior to the next round scheduled date, the Mens Club will allow your next opponent to choose which player they want to play and that will be the result of your match.
  6. Please report your score on the scoreboard in the mens locker room as well as e-mail results to mgmensclub@gmail.com immediately after your round.
  7. Play well.

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