Minto’s ancient methods to improve his putting and raise his handicap.

Nicole and I are about to start the temple stay. No talking for 18 hours and we must wear transitional monk attire.  Women and men cannot sleep or eat together and we have 5 hours of meditation each day, plus a hike and we also have an hour of sholin master teaching of martial arts.  All meals simple vegan food and we must spend an hour every day in service by cleaning or doing yard work.  They don’t need any pressure washing so I’m screwed.  The room has no bed, no furniture.  You get a sheet and a ball means small pillow.  Wake up is at 5 am for meditation. I am using this reflective time to contemplate:

  1. How I can transcend my 3′ putting yips with on course meditation without incurring at time penalty
  2. How I can elevate my handicap out of the single digits yet still have everyone believe I am playing as a 3.
  3. How I can claim meditative injury to garner sympathy with my fellow players

I do worry that my ability to form a pre-emptive narrative may be diminished after not speaking for so long, so I am looking forward to trying some new ones on you upon my return.

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  1. I’ve done something similar in Japan and I remember that the lack of real protein from vegan cuisine makes you feel hungry for American junk food. That really screw your mindset which will make the three foot putts feel thirteen footers.., then thirty footers… Meditation and golf are not perfect partners…

  2. Minto claiming meditative injury to garner sympathy is like hell freezing over. Oh wait, did hell freeze over recently?

  3. I have found data in a remote temple area. Don’t have much time as a few Monk wardens are nearby ensuring compliance.

    Mas is right. I have had three meals of rice and bok Choi only, which is sufficient for silent mediation but I feel weak practicing Sunmudo martial arts and hiking each day. No alcohol aloud so I have learned pain is more severe sober.

    It’s hot and humid but hope that my sacrifice will cure the putting curse out on me two years ago. Gotta go before I get kicked out of the retreat.


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