Meadow Gardens Wins Pewter Cup

The 2019 Pewter Cup, a match play points competition for Senior (55+) aged players between Meadow Gardens, Swan-e-set and Pitt Meadows Golf Club finished up yesterday at Swan-e-Set. The Meadow Gardens team opened-up a commanding lead in the first round winning 44 1/2 pts to Pitt Meadow’s 18 1/2 and Swan-e-set’s 18 on home turf and followed-up with a strong showing in the hump round at Pitt Meadows, taking a 24pt lead into the final. Meadow Gardens cruised in the final round with a final points tally of Pitt Meadows ~ 84pts, Swan-e-Set ~ 85pts and Meadow Gardens ~ 107pts. The Meadow Gardens team is made up of Mens Club members Ron Dunsire, Joel Levene, Victor Omaye, Perry Nishihata, Ken Nishi, Dan Lafleur, Mike Yamamoto, Sad Thiara, Dennis Thompson, Al Hollett, Ralph Altenried and Barry Ennis. Congratulations on a great result guys.

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