The Captains A-Flight handicapping for the 3 Man Scramble this weekend.

Welcome to all of our new members. Here are the TRUE handicaps for the A-flight players:

Steve Rice-Jones.   Odds ~ 7-1.   Great putter but he will not know it is a team event until you guys go upstairs after the round.

Heath Stone  Odds ~ 2.5 to 1.  Has distance and touch.  And to keep his team in order, he’ll bring his service weapon out of retirement.  Has been known to use dragon breath shells on slacking teammates.

Brent Lineker  Odds ~ 5-1.  He has the game, but is a newlywed again so he is still in the honeymoon phase and likely still working out his hip issues.

Dan Walton Odds ~ 2-1.  The most violent swing on tour.  Add someone who can putt on his team and they will be dangerous.

Minto Roy  Odds ~ 3-1.  Yes you’ll owe money if you bet against this team.  His lucksack cuppeth never seems to runneth over.

Jeff Song  Odds ~ 4-1   Hideki like swing, Thomas like distance, Couples like back.

Chris Begg  Odds ~ 3-1.  Should be in the money, but after going -7 on the front, the 6 celebratory moscow mules may put the brakes on.

Ken St. Laurent  ?????  big, strong and long.  May be another Daly playing crooked stick.

Michael Uhm.  Odds ~ 7-3.  Has the complete package except he will have 8 presses against himself which may affect the game.

Ralph Altenried  the bookies have him at 12-1  Ralphie has himself as even money.  It is hard to imagine any team winning when they have the Ralphie bus run over                         them.

Jimmy Choi Another unknown darkhorse.  Could be a good team cuz playing for a few hun is in his comfort zone.

Kim “Killer” “Dart” Fordyce.  EVEN MONEY BABY!!!!  rumor has it the cappy will fix the draw and be on this team.

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