Fall Open

Fall Open Sign-up Sheet

For MG Men’s Club players to be eligible for Men’s Club Tournament skill and draw prizes, you must choose one of these options from the  Men’s Club Registration Info. The prize fee for this tournament is $30 for pay as you go players

Fall Open Tournament Rules

Play from the Hybrid Tees

Summer Rules are in Effect. The ball is to be played down .

Handicaps used with be RCGA Handicaps.

Pace of Play for this Tournament is 4 hours – 20 minutes – MAXIMUM. Those groups playing outside of this allotment may be penalized. Play ready golf. There is no penalty in Stroke Play for hitting out of turn. If you have a playing partner who tends to be much slower than the rest of the group politely ask them to “move their ass”. Slow play will not be tolerated. Groups falling behind more than a hole will be asked to explain why and run the risk of incurring penalties for the entire group. Penalties will be invoked by the Men’s Club Captain and Handicap Chair at their discretion. Two Scorecards must be punched when first player tees off, at the turn and at the conclusion of the round. A one-stroke penalty for each player in the group for each missing time.

All other rules will be governed by RCGA.

Two scorecards are to be kept by each group. Please ensure that the scores for each player match up prior to submitting your score card. These scores are to be posted as “Tournament Scores” in the Handicap Computer.


If unsure of a possible ruling – play a second ball and record the scores for both balls until a ruling from the Handicap/Rules Committee can be obtained.

2019 Fall Open Winners Sean Yoon and Marcus Frew

2019 Fall Open Winners

Low Gross – Sean Yoon +1
Low Net – Marcus Frew (Retrogression) – 7
2nd Low Gross – Minto Roy +7
2nd Low Net – Brian Atkinson – 7
3rd Low Gross – Steve Rice-Jones +9
3rd Low Net – Sam Gandesha – 6

Jack Tossavainen, Chris Begg, Keith Gill, Heath Stone, Dan Walton, Mas Watanabe, Steve Coppin

Deuce Pot
Minto Roy, Brian Atkinson, Ralph Altenried, Sean Burke, Tiff Tonn, Keith Gill, Sean Yoon x 3, Kim Fordyce, Heath Stone, Chris Begg, Dan Walton x 2

Draw Prize
Danny Koriath – Town Hall dinner for 2
Kim Fordyce – Town Hall dinner for 2
Mark Sobolewski – Callaway shirt
Ralph Altenried – Modern Golf Iron fitting

2018 Fall Open Low Net and Gross winners Brent Goodrich and John Faris

2018 Fall Open Winners

Low Gross – John Faris
Low Net – Brent Goodrich
2nd Low Gross – Mike Doran
2nd Low Net – Sad Thiara (Retrogression)
3rd Low Gross – Steve Rice-Jones
3rd Low Net – Dennis Thompson

Ron Dunsire, Chris Begg, All Hollett, Gavin Copland, Mike Yamamoto, Kim Fordyce, Dan Lafleur

Deuce Pot
Brent Linker, Chris Begg, Ron Dunsire, Gord Lee x 2, Sad Thiara, Gavin Copland, John Faris

Draw Prize
Ron Dunsire – 2 sleeves of balls
John Faris – Callaway shirt

Fall Open
Fall Open Lo Net

Past Winners ~ Low Gross

2017 – Steve Rice – Jones
2014 – Steve Rice-Jones
2013 – Minto Roy
2012 – Ian Sugii
2011 – Graham Skelton
2010 – John Faris
2009 – Gavin Copland
2008 – John Faris
2007 – John Faris
2006 – Rudy Friesen
2005 – Doug Spooner
2003 – Rudy Friesen
2002 –
2001 – Jim Boyd
2000 – Kim Fordyce
1999 – Jim Boyd
1998 – Jim Boyd
1996 – Jim Boyd
1991 – H. Kristjanson
1990 – Charlie Sam
1989 – Keith Bonner
1988 – Darrell Marinos

1987 – Garry McLean

Past Winners ~ Low Net
2017 – Kim Fordyce
2014 – Bob Shakespeare
2013 – Gary Sundvick
2012 – Mike Fukada
2011 –
2010 – Dave Sharp
2009 – Brian ?
2008 – Dave Sharp
2007 – Dave Sharp
2006 – Jake Calihoo
2005 – Stuart Rogers
2003 – Stuart Rogers
2002 – Dave Wilson
2001 – Dave Wilson
2000 – Bob Derby
1999 – Harvey Dieno
1998 – Dan Julien
1996 – Bill Bissett
1991 – A.Kvaas
1990 – Tom Byatt
1989 – Ray Aney
1988 – Terry Leith

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