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For MG Men’s Club players to be eligible for Men’s Club Tournament skill and draw prizes, you must choose one of these options from the  Men’s Club Registration Info. The prize fee for this tournament is $30 for pay as you go players.

2021 Summer Open Rules – July 3rd and 4th

This is a flighted tournament with Blue and White tees in play.  At the time of writing 60%of players are from blue tees and 40% from White tees


Blue tees ($600):  Low Gross – first through fourth, Low Net – first through fourth

White tees ($400): Low Gross– first through third, Low Net– first through third

Deuces win MGMC Srixon balls

KP’s win MGMC Srixon balls           Saturday KP’s- White:  4&17, Blue: 7&13

                                                             Sunday KP’s- White: 7&13, Blue: 4&17

  • Prizes will be in the Proshop on Tuesday following tournament.  
  • EACH GROUP IS RESPONSIBLE posting their scores on the leaderboard in the lower members’ lounge.  
  • Sunday tee sheet will be prepared and posted on the website Saturday as soon as we can after the round.  
  • Summer Rules are in effect. The ball is to be played down with the exception of the Local Rule regarding embedded balls outside of a penalty area.  Remember, the old 15 yard rule around the green is no more.  
  • All Fescue areas are Penalty areas and are to be played as such. The line is defined by the contour of the fescue cut and not a straight line between red stakes. Balls in the Fescue must be played “as is” if you elect to play it without taking penalty relief. You may touch the ball only to identify it.  
  • Bunkers- If your ball comes to rest in a footprint or club divot you may lift and foot rake the sand to the natural contour of the bunker then replace the ball in exactly the same spot.  You may not create a sand tee or more favorable lie by changing the slope near or under the ball.  That is a penalty.    
  • If unsure of a possible ruling – play a second ball and record the scores for both balls until a ruling from the Handicap/Rules Committee can be obtained.  
  • Target Pace of Play for this tournament is 4 hours and 10 minutes.  Slow play is disrespectful to other members. Play ready golf and be prepared to hit your shot once your partner’s club strikes their ball.  
  •  Groups over 4 hours and 18 minutes will be penalized unless they are tight to the group in front of them (within 8 minutes).  
  • If the Marshall gives a warning your group is on the clock. Two warnings is a penalty.  
  • If you have a playing partner who is slow politely ask them to “move their ass”. eg If you have player in your group failing to make his shot within 40 seconds of the time he should be able to play, you may assess them a slow play penalty  for each infraction after two warnings.  If no individual in a group is assessed a penalty and the group is slow, the whole group will be penalized.  LPGA is now penalizing  after 30 seconds.  
  • Multiple 3-minute ball searches or 100+ stroke rounds are not a slow play excuse.  
  • Penalties will be invoked by the Men’s Club Captain and Handicap Chair at their discretion.  
  • All other rules will be governed by RCGA.   
2019 Summer Open winners, Kris Yardley and Minto Roy

2019 Tournament Winners

Low Gross – Kris Yardley +7
2nd Low Gross – Dan Walton +18 (Retrogression)
3rd Low Gross – Michael Uhm +18
Low Net – Minto Roy -3
2nd Low Net – Mike Yamamoto – Even
3rd Low Net – Keith Gill +1

Deuce Pot
Gavin Copland x 2, Yak, Sean Anderson, Ron Dunsire, Dan Walton, Joel Levene, Marcus Frew, Kris Yardley

Dan Walton, Joel Levene, Bob Grant, Victor Omaye, Yak

Draw Prizes
Town Hall dinner for 2 – Yak
Town Hall dinner for 2 – Sean Anderson
Town Hall dinner for 2 – Brent Goodrich
Golf Shirt – Kris Yardley
Modern Golf Driver fitting – Ralph Altenried


2018 Tournament Winners
Low Gross – Steve Rice-Jones +12
2nd Low Gross – John Faris +19
3rd Low Gross – Dan Walton +23
Low Net – Barry Ennis +1
2nd Low Net – Minto Roy +6
3rd Low Net – Marcus Frew +6

Deuce Pot
Marcus Frew, Minto Roy x 2, John Faris, Gord Lee, Ralph Altenried

Steve Rice-Jones x 2, Glenn Shapendonk, Minto Roy, Gord Lee

Summer Open

Past Winners ~ Gross
2017 – Steve Rice-Jones
2014 – Chris Gillard
2013 – Minto Roy
2012 – Minto Roy
2011 – Larry Valcamp

Past Winners ~ Net
2017 – Ken Nishi
2014 – Minto Roy
2013 – Joel Levene
2012 – Joel Levene
2011 – Kim Fordyce

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