A Blog Moment with Minto vol. 1

Before I write my first Men’s Club Blog, let me share with you my writing process.

First, I look at a blank screen and put my fingers on the keyboard without a single thought of what I am going to write. My mind immediately becomes a wild place, with hurricane winds and swaying trees, where a large talking owl sits perched and says, “your fingers are in damp cement and they are feeling heavy.” Owls are wise so I see that as a clear sign that I should get a scotch and try to procrastinate long enough so I’ll find something else to do. Then I remember what American Writer Amy Joy said,

“Anyone who says writing is easy isn’t doing it right.”
― Amy Joy

Humility is the first step to succeeding, so I decided to get help. I asked a few members what they would write about if they wrote a blog for Men’s Club. I’d like to share their ideas as my first contribution:

  • Angelo Viani offered to write reviews of wines and cigars given to him by other members throughout the year
  • Club champion Steve Rice-Jones offered to give tips on when its appropriate to wear two or three pairs of long-johns
  • Brent Lineker had to do his blog in 4 hours but it took him 4 ½ hours
  • Ron Dunsire wrote his blog while sitting in a bar. Truth be told, it really was not a blog. Ron just wrote a note to the Server every five minutes that read, “I’ll have another Canadian”
  • Chris Begg asked if he could substitute a monthly blog for a monthly spreadsheet, then said, to me and Dunsire, “hey boys, our blog-writing-session bar tab is $400.00
  • Joel Levene offered to write a blog on solving the Middle-East crisis. We will definitely not have a comment section on this blog
  • Ron Cassan wrote a blog and then sent out his blog through HubSpot and now in 3 weeks we will all be qualified leads
  • Kim Fordyce’s blog will start in 2025 when Sue Fordyce lets him retire
  • Jack Tossavainian said he’d never heard of a Blog, but really liked the way it made his mouth feel when he said “Blog”. With child-like enthusiasm, Jack kept telling me, “Hey Min-no, I lik’em that word Blog”
  • John Faris offered to write a blog on what he plans to do with the extra 20 hours a week, now that he’s not club vice-captain and handicap chair.
  • Damon Jones offered a $50 gift card to anyone that reads his blog



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  1. Hi Brian – Thanks for the kind words on Blog. Always a pleasure to share isight and perspective in hopes to provide a laugh or a pause to reduce stress or boredom. See you at the course!

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